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Susan K. Saltos Winter Silverberry is a writer from Chicago who loves all things wild and whimsical. An avid Sci-Fi and Fantasy fan, this spirit is reflected in her writings. She loves to work in her art journal, read tarot, and write when she doesn't have the dreaded block. Quite a few of her stories revolve around her beloved semi-feral feline friend, Griffin, who is the inspiration for the Griffin J. Cat stories. Join Griffin, a cat certain that he is descended from Egyptian Gods, as he sets off to find his fairy friend in the lush landscape of the Otherlands. Griffin will meet some interesting characters along the way and one naïve little fox who just might need Griffin to intercede on his behalf.
Read the original Griffin tale here on Wattpad. https://www.wattpad.com/myworks/97689684-the-adventures-of-griffin-j-cat
Griffin also guest cameos in the wonderful world of Jason Greenfield's epic tale, Mythlands: The Heist. https://www.wattpad.com/story/104770324-mythlands-the-heist Griffin is an amazing animal. He runs around other worlds creating all kinds of hijinks and havoc and still manages to sleep 16 hours a day.
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