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Wendy Cole For as long as she can remember, Wendy Cole has been in love with love. Great authors. Maggie Osbourne, Karen Marie Moning, and Melissa Haag inspired her to create the same emotional connection through her own writing. When she isn’t typing away in some far off fantasy world, Wendy Cole is a happily married wife, and a mother to four, also very imaginative, children. My name is Wendy Cole, and you’ll find that most of her stories contain a bit of everything with a good deal of humor mixed in... This one not so much on humor…Well, unless you’re evil…Which is okay! She totally digs her evil readers too. The story you are about to read is based off of true events… Kinda…Sorta… Well, not really...
Connect with Wendy on the following link: Wattpad – https://my.w.tt/UiNb/bw9BhRO8NH
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