About Contact Charity Home Tyke Evenese Fluffy I’m a new writer who has made Seattle my home away from home. I hail from Sri Lanka and I moved to the U.S. for work in the year 2000. While being a software engineer by profession, I have always taken a keen interest in art. I have published a novella called “Nails!” that follows the tale of two women of very disparate backgrounds whose lives happen to intersect briefly. You can check it out at:
www.createspace.com/6911469 Or on kindle at
Cover designed by Meixia Earlier on, I wrote a short poem called “Skies are weeping” in honor of Rachel Corrie. Philip Munger, a composer from Alaska, picked it up and put it into a musical, the theme of which was the same as the poem I wrote. You can listen to it at www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1be2lxV-Qo (my poem is sung at around 23:14).
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