About Contact Charity Home T E Bradford Ever Cover designed by T E Bradford Thank you for reading my story! I hope you have enjoy it. As you might imagine, sometimes as a writer you wonder about the characters that you create. They feel so real, and it seems almost magical when you create someone who comes to life inside your story, but this led me to wonder about all the characters that never get developed. The ones that linger on pages that never turn into a story, or worse, get deleted. Hopefully it’s not as bad as the experience Ever and Thorn, and especially Jezebel share. This story started out titled “The Character” but I ended up using Ever’s name because, after all, the story is hers. Hers and Thorn’s, and now that I’ve finished it I feel relieved because I know they’re not waiting anymore. They’re complete, and best of all, they’re together. – T. E. Bradford. If you’ve enjoyed this story, please check out the author’s website at www.tebradford.com where you can find other works of fiction and non-fiction written by her. Tracy is the author of several books, short-stories, songs, poems and even musicals. Her Fantasy series debuted with the short story prequel The Dragon Between Worlds, which was published in Deep Magic’s August 2016 issue. She is a member of RWA, ACFW and (proudly) the Realm Makers Consortium. She lives in Upstate NY with the man, God made especially for her, and the son who is and always will be her best story.
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