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Zach Saltos Ten years ago, due to overpopulation issues on planet Gammond, Xander Kalani’s family was selected by lottery to be relocated to the planet Alzarien. Halfway to their new home, life support systems failed on the spaceship carrying them. The pilot was able to fly them through a wormhole and crash land on a similar planet as theirs called Earth. Now that The Alliance is fully repaired, Xander is ready to return to his home planet to become a diplomatic representative between Earth and the Intergalactic Counsel. However, Xander has been in love with his best friend’s twin sister ever since they met. In order for him to ask Thea to come home with him, Xander needs to tell her he is an alien from another planet. Will she reject his love? Or will Thea be willing to travel across galaxies to be with him? Susan K. Saltos is a resident of Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington D.C. She writes “anything to do with romance” from young adult to contemporary adult to paranormal, fantasy, or Sci-Fi. If it has romance in it, Susan will write it. She self-published her Young Adult paranormal romance, The Chosen Path, several years ago. It has been expanded and improved upon and will be re-published in 2018. Also to come out next year, are the sequels “Hidden Paths” and “Fork in the Road”. All three books in the series, and other various books in the draft stage, can currently be read for FREE at: https://www.wattpad.com/user/SusanKSaltos. Suggestions and comments are always welcome and appreciated.
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