About Contact Charity Home Sue Hart Ugly Rumors Cover designed by Sue Hart I began writing ten years ago for fun. But as hobbies often change to something more, mine became an obsession. I've yet to experience writers block because I've lived a long time and I've had experiences worth telling. I learned from a friend about a writing site to help polish my story. I jumped on with my raw draft and discovered the meaning behind 'writing'. The creation of the plot is the fun part. Editing is where the story is shaped and honed into a flowing story that captures a person's attention... and keeps it. Over the years, I have watched those I began learning with publish their work while I enjoyed seeing their excitement, success, and hard work materialize. I felt a part of it because I watched the growth of each book. There is something special about most authors. They share what they know and offer help. The time they give is a blessing to so many. I personally owe them quite a bit. Their encouragement alone is priceless. They know and understand what I mean. I've never been the kind of person to hurry along to do what others do. I'm an observer and I learn a lot by being that way. Perhaps, my confidence isn't of the same caliber. I think--I can make this book even better. Believe me, that's common for those who create anything. They wish to stand back and say, it'll do. While they secretly say, I hope those who see this will like it. Guilty as charged. Thanks for hearing my confession, and I hope my stories will enlighten, entertain, and tease your emotions... all of them.
You can go to Sue Hart’s website and see the books to be published. https://timewatcher70.wixsite.com/sue-hart-author
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