About Contact Charity Home Sue Baron Effing Dave Dave is the immortal all the other immortals can't help but hate. He pops up every decade or so, makes himself famous, then fakes his own death. This time around he’s even started an over-the-top conspiracy website highlighting his exploits through history. It’s bound to drive his peers nuts. But, honestly, what girl can resist being attracted to a bad boy like him? Sue Baron is your typical Generation X’er. She gleefully used her parents money to earn a bachelor’s degree in psychology from West Virginia University, but she prefers jobs that give her plenty of time to do the things she loves—namely writing, reading, and working out. Sue currently resides in West Virginia, USA, with her boyfriend, Tim, and her ancient cat, Hercules. Vampires are her genre of choice, but a writing prompt she found online inspired the following short story.
Cover designed by Sue Baron Links: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorSLBaron/
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