About Contact Charity Home Steven J. Pemberton History Lesson Cover designed by Steven J. Pemberton About the story: Our local writers' group was invited to provide an evening's entertainment for the supporters of the town museum, in which we would give readings from our work. The lady who organised it, knowing that I usually write great big doorstops of novels, asked if I had anything self-contained that could be read aloud in, say, twenty minutes. I said I didn't, but (foolishly) offered to write something. In truth, I have a “story dump,” which is a big word processor file where I write down anything I think might one day find its way into a story. Every so often, I look through the dump for connections between items, so by the time I start writing a story, it's usually been composting in the story dump for several years. The notion of performing a story in a museum made me think of writing a story set in a museum, which put me in mind of a couple of entries in the story dump, and by the time I got home from the planning meeting, I had (or thought I had) an outline of a complete story. When I actually started writing the story... I hesitate to say it ran away with me, but about halfway through, I thought of a way to connect it to another story (that I haven't written ). I changed my mind about what the Temple of the Mosaic really was, and about the identity of the man in the blue spacesuit, and that meant changing the ending. One day I might write a story that follows the original plan, and then again I might not. About the author: I was born in England in 1970, the son of a librarian and a teacher. It was probably inevitable, therefore, that I would grow up loving books and the imaginary worlds they conjure. I now live in Hertfordshire with my partner, where I work as a software developer.
You can find Steven and more of his work on the following link: http://www.pembers.net
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