About Contact Charity Home Sherry Logsdon The Ghosts of Blackwood Cover designed by T.E. Bradford. 1896: Sadie Connor found herself locked away within Blackwood Insane Asylum with no idea as to why she was there. Filled with secrets and lies, Sadie finds no woman there to be deranged or insane.
Sadie befriends two young women as they face the horrors of Blackwood together. The nightmare that awaits Sadie, as well as the other women at Blackwood, knows no boundaries. Sherry Logsdon lives with her husband in Eastview, Kentucky. She is the mother of three and grandmother of four. Sherry earned a bachelor’s degree in Exceptional Children and a master’s degree in Counseling from Western Kentucky University. A retired, now substitute teacher, Sherry enjoys researching old insane asylums and the suffrage movement and writing both fiction and poetry.
Connect with Sherry at the following links:
www.sherrylogsdon.com www.facebook.com/asylum.sherrylogsdon
www.pinterest.com/sherry1331/ www.twitter.com/sherrylogsdon sherrylogsdon@live.com
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