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Scott Butcher Scott Butcher is a Canadian/Australian author. Born in Australia to Canadian parents, Scott spent much of his youth between the two countries. He settled in Australia for a while, but in search of new adventure, after over 30 years in Australia, he returned to Canada in 2009 with his wife and three children.
In this story, people die every day, and when unlikeable people go, nobody looks too closely, except maybe for Nemach. For him no loss is insignificant. Problem is, Nemach’s not alive himself, he died centuries ago, though his spirit was cursed to never find rest while his descendants still roamed the Earth.
Andrea needs help, people around her are dying in bizarre, if not suspicious, circumstances. If she’s lucky, she may be a descendent of Nemach, and if not, she probably won’t survive. As well as the ‘Soul Nemach and the Burbank Adventure’, Scott has written some children’s books: ‘The Fairly Stillwart Chronicles’ and An Eagle’s Heart’. Both of these have been published by Morning Rain Publishing (see http://morningrainpublishing.com/ ).
These books are also available through Scott’s website at http://www.scottiesbooks.com/ . In addition to these, Scott is also writing ‘The Dark Witch’ series, under the pen-name Tabitha Scott. Check the first one at:
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