About Contact Charity Home S. Cinders Dragon Rachel has lived her entire life knowing that she has never been enough. The final straw occurs when her longtime boyfriend leaves her for another man at work. Seeking solace, Rachel goes to the one place that she has always found peace, the woods. And from there she slips into another dimension and she learns what the truly important things in life are. I work with special needs children with emotional disabilities by day and scramble about typing stories on my laptop at night. Writing is so much more than a hobby to me, I would consider it therapy if you will. I adore ‘happily every afters’ and finding the good in others. I am all too aware of the realities of life, but I can’t help but think that deep down everyone has something redeeming about them. Sometimes we just need to keep on digging.
Cover designed by S. Cinders Discover more of the works from S. Cinders on the following websites: https://www.amazon.com/author/scinders
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