About Contact Charity Home Ruby Julian Candlelight Secrets Cover designed by D. J. Meyers Julian is a writer/photographer residing in the Lone Star state. Ruby began her writing journey in the 4th grade when, dissatisfied with the ending of a favorite book, she took it upon herself to compose a rewrite. She’s been writing ever since. Through the past thirty years, she has had non-fiction and fiction pieces published in various magazines, newspapers and Christian resources. Ruby’s interests include photography, spirituality, perusing thrift shops, finding horses to pet, and exploring the countryside with her canine buddy Tippy. There is a fantastic site for writers I discovered earlier in the year, full of talented and supportive people. It’s called Write-On. Ruby is just one of many talented authors I have interacted with there and this particular story has its genesis in something called the Weekend Write-In Challenge. Every weekend the site admin gives participating writers a prompt (such as ‘Falsetto - In 500 words, imagine what happens when a character breaks out into song at a bad time.’) and some wonderfully creative stories are produced. Ruby wrote a brilliant entry for the prompt Macabre Menagerie and to my delight created a second part for the prompt Meddle. Hers is a unique, subtle and creepy entry to the horror/thriller genre with a brilliant twist ending that wouldn’t be out of place as an episode or two of American Horror Story.
Learn more about Ruby’s other published works and her photography with the links below: https://www.amazon.com/Ruby-Julian/e/B073RQ4LS1 http://rubyjulianphotography.zenfolio.com/
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