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2. Samples & Review PDFs

Click on each of the links below to watch video reading samples of some of the stories in the OMP Anthologies

Reading from Not Mama’s Little Girl by Kate McGinn (OMP Fiction)

Reading from Ghosts of Culloden by Sheena McLeod (OMP Fiction)

Reading from History Lesson by Steven J Pemberton (OMP Fantasy)

Reading from Dragon by S Cinders (OMP Fantasy)

Reading from The Other Side by Paul Skelton (OMP Thriller)

3. Past Press Coverage, Articles & Links




4. Project Background

SPRING 2013 - Conception of original idea.


2013 - 2014 - Gathering of writers to contribute a story to the anthology. Intended to be 10 stories by me and 10 by other authors, it ended up as 24 stories by 14 writers.


2014-2015 - The idea of adding art and gathering of artists to produce 4 pieces per story as separate promotional pieces was conceived. Since then we have found out how to embed art directly into the kindle download. By 2015 the 24 stories had been submitted and the editing process began. We also went through various iterations of our marketing/promotions plan, learning and adapting with experience.


Charity contacts with our final choice of two charities (Cancer Research UK and EMMAUS) were established and a Facebook page and OMP website were set up in this period. We also established contacts at Amazon and advice from all of the above led to changes in our plans and ultimately the establishment of One Million Project Ltd, a declared non profit to hold book profits and future sponsorship/running capital for expenses, as well as secure online url/name rights to establish the OMP brand.


November 30th 2015 - Original OMP collection is published on Amazon.


Early 2016 - Several mini events including an enclosed event at London’s Lithuanian Embassy showcasing our 3 Lithuanian creatives and thereafter online, some readings at various venues and Paul Skelton and I were interviewed by Nick Coffer on Three Counties Radio.


April 2016 - A massive expansion of our creative network, bringing us from just under 30 members to 94 in that period.


July 2016 - OMP PROMOTIONS is set up under Doctor Sheena Macleod. To date, our new recruits have built a massive database of libraries, bookstores and other literary organizations in preparation for a marketing campaign. A blogging team produces regular material for our expanded website in line with our remit to not only promote our book, brand and 2 charities but to spread awareness of other issues and provide a platform for social discourse on subjects as diverse as gender and sexuality, animal conservation and mental health issues.


October 2016 - OMP ONLINE MAGAZINE launched, including articles, reviews and features on two of the stories from the original collection in each issue, as well as artwork and creative/charity based content, including spotlights and promotions on new works by OMP members.


We are also setting up teams to coordinate beta reviewers, plan and strategize for future events and sponsorship and a recruitment for promotional volunteers is underway.


OMP itself is expanding beyond our original anthology as three new anthologies are greenlit. The original to be eventually revamped and republished (Mid to late 2018).


OMP MUSIC under the guiding hand of Denise Dunn already has close to a dozen singers and musicians interested, most of whom are seasoned industry players who have performed in charting bands, some for decades.


OMP MUSIC will be similar to our original book anthology plan, except substitute musicians for writers and singles tracks for stories.


February 2018 - Three more tightly focused thematic collections - OMP: THRILLER (Thriller, horror, mystery, detective) OMP: FANTASY (Fantasy, Science-Fiction and more) and OMP: FICTION (all else including poems and a few non fictions) were published.


OMP ART is also expanding under Art Project Manager Andrea McDowell. Not only are we getting some great art contributors (Thanks to Andrea, legendary comic book artist George Perez is interested in doing art for one of our original 24 stories), we hope to put on a future ‘Art of OMP’ event.


These are only our present plans - As OMP is an expanding and adaptive brand/project, the possibilities are endless as we expand our contact base and get more well known.


Money will be collected until we hit £10,000 then the first payments of £5000 apiece will go to CANCER RESEARCH UK and EMMAUS (an international homeless charity) and the plan is to continue until we hit our target of £1,000,000 and then carry on, raising money via book and album sales as well as sponsorship and donations.


OMP has now set up its own publishing arm.


We will grow globally and do a lot of good for charity as well as promote indie creative endeavour.


Already we have the bulk of our members in the UK and US, but with members in Europe, Canada, Australia, India etc, we hope to grow our online presence and eventually our events will be everywhere.


Privately we also hope to encourage artistic cooperation and collaboration on projects between members. The OMP is already a superb resource and an amazing pool of talent - let’s support and encourage each other and take advantage of the networking.


Over 180 members to date.


5. Executive Bios

JASON GREENFIELD is the founder of the ONE MILLION PROJECT and writer of many different worlds of characters across almost every genre imaginable. His motivation for starting the OMP was to do good in the world and create a network of independent writers and creatives as a reaction against stagnant traditional publishing practices. In the last few years he has massively expanded that network to be truly global and cooperative, recruiting writers, editors, artists and people with publishing and computing experience to create a global brand to raise money for charity through entertainment.



SHEENA MACLEOD lives in a seaside town in Scotland. She gained a PhD at the University of Dundee, where she lectured in mental health nursing. After leaving teaching, Sheena combined her love of history with her passion for research and turned to novel writing. She has written a number of short stories and poems. Reign of the Marionettes is her first published historical fiction novel.


Sheena has been an instrumental part of strategy and promotion for the One Million Project, she is also an anthology story contributor and the author of our upcoming book on the life of forgotten feminist icon, Frances Connelly - the first woman to legally vote.



DECLAN CONNOR  - After retiring from his print and marketing brochure design business in the UK, our formatter and cover editor, Declan Conner, took to writing thrillers full time in 2008. In the heady days of Indie publishing following Amazon arriving on the scene and disrupting the publishing market, it quickly became apparent that formatting for many authors was a massive task. With that in mind, Declan published a free formatting guide on his web site at declanconner.com.


However, many authors still preferred to have their books formatted by a professional service, and Declan has many satisfied authors as clients on his books over a period of the last 10 years.


Declan heard about the OMP project on Wattpad when he was contacted to provide a short story for the thriller anthology. When he heard that the proceeds after publishing costs were to be paid to cancer and homeless charities, he decided to give something back and to keep costs down, he offered his expertise at formatting of the three anthologies for free.


Declan says that It’s been quite a task, but very rewarding to work with so many talented authors and a management team that have all pulled together to make the project a success and to help other less fortunate than ourselves.



D. J. MEYERS (a.k.a. OZNONYMOUS) lives in Melbourne, Australia. An I.T. professional by day, after a brief stint as an English/History teacher, D. J. writes by night. The darkness feeds a furtive mind with Historical Fiction, Black Comedy, and Science Fiction. Although writing novels for the past fourteen years, D. J. only touched the publishing world in 2015 with The Renaissance Series – a loose collection of historical fiction. In 2016, the pseudonym, Oznonymous, released the Sci Fi Thriller Sentenced to Obscurity, and in 2017 the joint publication, Paper Cranes & Other Oral Origami, a collection of eight tales, was unleashed on the world. Having sold books in many countries across four continents, D. J. & Oznonymous contributed stories to the OMP series, while also editing some of the tales, providing covers for several individual tales, and designing the covers (including the photography) for all three OMP Anthologies. As a final insult to the lack of time life provides, D. J. also designed the OMP website. All because, as a cancer survivor, one must give back to those less fortunate. Fortune favours the bold, and reward comes in the enjoyment gained by readers who will delve into these many and varied works that raise money where needed most.





KATE MCGINN is a member of the OMP Admin group and an OMP Network member.  She has assisted in helping to establish an online presence for the group through a variety of websites associated with books and writing. In addition, she has helped to coordinate the OMP Blogsite by scheduling the OMP regular bloggers; editing, posting and promoting submissions; and finally, participating as a regular blogger for the website. Kate was a story contributor to the One Million Project Fiction Anthology.




6. FAQ

WHAT IS OMP? The One Million Project is a network of writers, artists and musicians dedicated to raising money for charity through creative projects.


WHY THE NAME? It stands for an aspiration to raise £1,000,000 for cancer research and the homeless.


WILL YOU STOP AT A MILLION? No, if our current and future projects enable us to hit our target, we will continue indefinitely.


HOW DID ALL THIS START? You can read the full story in my introductions in each anthology, but essentially I had two separate ideas and ambitions - to publish a story anthology with different writers and to do some good in the world. Writing was the initial vehicle that allowed me to achieve my goal of raising money for charity.


IS IT JUST ABOUT THE WRITING? No, that’s just our opening salvo - OMP is unlimited and adaptable. We have plans that involve art and music and no idea is off the table.


AND YOUR CHARITIES ARE CANCER RESEARCH UK AND EMMAUS? Yes, but given future success we can branch out and donate to other worthy causes. We are also attempting to spread awareness of many issues and causes from animal conservationism to mental health to gender fluidity and more.


HOW WILL YOU DO THAT? Through our blogsphere, online magazine, word of mouth and other avenues. ‘As our brand and recognition factor grows, so will our ‘audience’ and our ability to do good in the world.’


HOW GLOBAL IS YOUR NETWORK? Most of our writers are in the UK and across the US but we can be found in Brazil, Australia, Canada, Sweden, France, China, India, Mexico, Turkey, Africa and other countries - as we grow we hope to expand even further internationally.


WHAT FORM MIGHT THAT EXPANSION TAKE? In our upcoming launch period we have plans for events in Florida, Texas, Chicago, Scotland and London among others - but afterwards I’ll be expanding on talks with ‘local’ writers to establish franchise branches. Already discussed are: OMP INDIA, OMP CANADA, OMP AUSTRALIA, OMP AFRICA and linking up members across various US states for cooperative efforts.


ARE YOUR CHARITIES TRULY INTERNATIONAL? Yes, Cancer Research UK may have UK in its name but money raised from sales in America or India go towards research that is shared across the globe and that will benefit people everywhere. EMMAUS is an international homeless charity and once we grow big enough, we can initiate our own projects or give donations to help specific areas and projects.


IS OMP A CHARITY? No - very important distinction. We are raising money on BEHALF of charity. One Million Project Limited exists as a non profit to hold monies raised but with expansion we could possibly become a Foundation.


DO YOU HAVE ACCREDITED CONTACTS IN THE CHARITY WORLD? Yes, our CR UK contact is Katie Beck and at EMMAUS there is Clare Hunter. Both can be contacted for quotes and referrals through their respective organizations.


WHY BOOK ANTHOLOGIES? As I mentioned before I am a writer and creativity is my way of giving back/a vehicle to raise money. Plus unlike a lot of charity drives, those who buy the books get entertainment in return.


DOES ALL THE MONEY GO TO CHARITY? Yes, everyone from authors to cover designers, our editors and professional formatters are giving of their time and work completely for free (though every story has author bios and links so we hope readers will check out our writers‘ work.). Once Amazon and print fees are deducted, every penny of the main brand books and other upcoming projects will be collected to go to the charities. A book on the first woman to vote, by Sheena Macleod will dedicate it’s profits to OMP expenses which allows us to give every penny of the collections to charity.


BEYOND THE CURRENT ANTHOLOGIES, WHAT ELSE IS ON THE HORIZON? As mentioned above there will be a book about FRANCES CONNELLY, the first woman to legally vote (7 years before the start of universal suffrage). This will be just a part of the FRANCES CONNELLY PROJECT which will also include exhibitions of feminist/suffragette art, re-enactments and a musical aspect - all in this, The Year of the Woman - 2018 being the 100th anniversary of the start of universal suffrage. We intend to give Frances, a forgotten feminist icon, her due in history.


I also mentioned music - 2018 will see OMP: MUSIC initiated. More details to be announced at the LONDON LAUNCH PARTY on MAY 5TH.


Thank you for reading - If you have other questions not covered in the FAQ, please CONTACT the site with your name, organization and question and I will happily get back to you.





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