About Contact Charity Home Paul Skelton The Other Side Cover designed and photographed by D. J. Meyers I’m Paul Skelton, otherwise known as Skelly. I make my living being a primary school caretaker, which is quite possibly the best job in the world. Writing is a hobby, which I hope, one day, will earn me a bit to top up my pension. “The Other Side” was inspired by a Radio Four play from the Seventies. It’s basically aimed at being a strange, chilling story of an elderly man who’s out of touch with the times, full of indignation, belligerence and pride. However, as with all of us, he’s really quite flawed, affected by an embarrassing incident in his military past. The incident catches up with him, when (finding himself on “the other side”) his demons confront him. His reaction to some youths trying to assault him is a direct message to some of today’s “hoodie rats” (as I call them): i.e. stop hiding in your hoodie, pull your trousers up and don’t underestimate older, wiser people!! As with everything I write, all I care about is that it entertains the reader. I work on the premise if it entertains me, then it must (statistically) entertain others, and I hope YOU are one of those “others.” Cheers. Skelly.
Paul is a notorious luddite who avoids the internet when he can, but if you really want to comment on his story and ask him about his other writing, you can do so care of https://www.facebook.com/TheJasonGreenfield/ and I’ll pass on any messages.
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