About Contact Charity Home Patsy Jawo Monuments of Love Cover designed by Patsy Jawo Patsy Jawo lives in London in the UK. She is a writer, blogger and spoken word artist, and is the author of the ‘For The Love Of I: Inspirational Poetry’ series. Patsy writes poetry for commercial brands and does motivational speeches and event performances. Patsy’s ‘For The Love Of I: Inspirational Poetry’ series consists of 5 volumes, namely: Vol.1 50 Inspirations on Gratitude; Vol.2 50 Inspirations for Peace; Vol.3 50 Inspirations for Freedom; Vol.4 50 Inspirations on Truth;Vol.5 50 Inspirations on Destiny Monuments of Love contains 5 poems exploring the materialisation of seeds, which once sown, grow into plants and trees that bear fruits as part of the cycle of life, then all is returned to love. The poems explore life, nature and humanity touching on our experiences, how we live life and how life manifests itself in, through and for us. And that perhaps our response is what really matters. The last two poems, Life Cycles (Vol.1) and The Divinity of Love (Vol.2), are excerpts from Patsy’s ‘For The Love of I: Inspirational Poetry’ Series. 1. Seeds; 2. Trees; 3. Fruits; 4. Life Cycles; 5. The Divinity of Love
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