About Contact Charity Home Oliver Pratt The Sentinel I was born in the early eighties, and I grew up wearing colorful lycra turtlenecks - until the day grunge (it's music) saved me. Like many, I was bullied in high school, so, like many, I started drinking and vandalizing innocent mailboxes. Luckily, I eventually made some friends. With them, I kept drinking but found less violent hobbies (jigsaw puzzles, going to the zoo, and so on). I always liked to write. At first, I wrote in French. Later, I still wrote in French, but better. Now, I'm giving it a shot in another language, because I've always liked challenges (once, I stopped eating baguettes for a whole week!). My main novel is about pirates, because my story about a kid finding out he was a wizard was stolen before I even started it. The Knight in this story of the Sentinal was walking through the plains of my mind since I was 15 or so (a few years ago). For some reason, he never found the way to a page until now. And considering how hard it was to wrap his story up in a roughly satisfying way, I think he had his reasons.
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Oliver Pratt Most of my stories are yet to be published (or written), but you’ll find some of my work in English on Wattpad. Puerto Seguro is a pirate story, some kind of dark, fun, and mature Pirates of the Caribbean but without Johnny Depp. Vlad’s blog is my very mature, very harsh recess. I use Vlad’s vampiric voice to blow off some steam and spit on bad best selling novels including baseball playing, shining vampires. Oliver’s (not so) original miscellany is where I stuff all my short stories and my opinion on very important matters such as: are semi-colons from hell? https://www.wattpad.com/user/PedanticAndGrumpy
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