About Contact Charity Home Michael Walsh Sequitur Michael Walsh was born during World War Two on the east coast of Canada. He joined the Air Force after school and trained as a pilot, moved to the west coast, discovered mountains, and made a name for himself as an exploratory mountaineer. Then restless, he transferred to the Navy to captain ships. A dozen years later, still restless, he resigned his commission to expand his wine importing business and to pursue his passions, becoming a wine and food writer and educator and Canada’s chief coin geek. Restless again, he sailed off and rounded Cape Horn. Twice. The past few years he’s lived aboard Zonder Zorg, a restored 1908 Friesian skûtsje, as he explores the European canals trying to sort out what to do when he grows up. Meanwhile, he’s gone back to writing, and after four nonfiction books on boating, he’s turned to fiction. The book which is the topic of discussion in this story is based on a true story and was published a year after we had returned from the voyage. It’s a massive tome of more than 315,000 words in 680 pages of an 8½ by 11 inch format, and it’s illustrated with over 2400 colour images. Young David discovers a book on his grandfather’s shelf, and he begins to ask questions about what he finds inside.
Cover designed by Michael Walsh
Spilt Wine – ISBN – 978-09940936-6-0 http://viewbook.at/SpiltWine Posted as Missing – ISBN – 978-09940936-2-2 http://viewbook.at/PostedAsMissing
Unknown Diners – ISBN – 978-0-9940936-4-6 http://viewbook.at/UnknownDiners Recent Non-Fiction by Michael Walsh Sequitur – ISBN - 978-09919556-0-2 http://viewbook.at/CapeHorn Carefree on the European Canals – ISBN - 978-09919556-4-0 - http://viewbook.at/CarefreeCanals Carefree Through 1001 French Locks – ISBN - 978-09919556-7-1 - http://viewbook.at/CarefreeLocks Canal Cruising in France- ISBN - 978-09919556-9-5 - http://viewbook.at/CanalGuide
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