About Contact Charity Home Meixia Then There Was Aine Cover designed by Erikson Michaels & Anton Shvydki Introduction: Michelle Bugante is a 20-something Filipina living in China, who also goes by the name Meixia as depicted in the Chinese characters above and which means ‘Beautiful Summer’. Despite growing up in a small town south of the Philippines, she had always known that there was a broader world out there waiting to be explored. So when the opportunity presented itself, she moved to the Philippine capital of Manila to take her university degree in Communication Arts. After that, she spent three years working for an advertising agency before moving to China for greater opportunities. When she’s not out and about satisfying her wanderlust, she spends her days writing in order to fulfill a childhood dream of becoming a novelist. A Room for My Pretend Love, which is published on Wattpad, is the first story she has ever written. For more stories by Meixia, follow her on Wattpad (@MeiSummer). If you’d like to see her travel photos, follow @vermishelly on Instagram.
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