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Mark Gardner Mark Gardner is an author and broadcast professional from Prescott, Arizona. His grandfather introduced him to the alternate history writings of Harry Turtledove at a young age. That started a life-long love affair with speculative fiction. After being fired from a thankless job in retail sales, he began to write his own stories. His first publication was Body Rentals. Since then, he has written 11 books, including War of the Worlds: Retaliation, the superhero series, Sixteen Sunsets Saga, and hard sci-fi collaborative novel, Days Until Home. His books are favorites among fans of Sin City, The Martian, The Punisher, and Firefly. His work is a fast paced, no-nonsense, thrill ride into many genres, including science fiction, superhero, dystopian, and historical fiction. His works are available in nine languages, and he has fans on all seven continents. Warrior’s Blood ended up in my historical fiction novel, Champion Standing. Originally it was a stand-alone story, and when I was editing Champion Standing I was hacking and slashing words out of the story and ended up with a too-low word count. I rewrote Warrior’s Blood and inserted it along with a flash fiction piece I had written to an Internet prompt. Warrior’s Blood as a standalone has been in a few charity anthologies.
Connect with Mark Gardner at: https://www.amazon.com/Mark-Gardner/e/B008LHJVAY/
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