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Cover designed by Lorraine Reed
Lorraine Reed founded and runs a writers’ circle in her local area: WRITERS IN THE WOOD. There are currently over 100 members. The circle of Writers and Authors has formed close friendships and often holds book signings together. Lorraine has written a fantasy fiction comedy poetry book for adults, with its risqué content for your humorous pleasure. Author Lorraine Reed presents her book to you as a light-hearted Mermaid from Mermaid Bay, who shares her cheeky yet funny poetic stories with us all through her mobile phone. Lorraine has also created a new style learning method to help children learn Times Tables. TIMES TABLES FUN WITH NAUGHTY KATIE has been bought by many primary school teachers to be used as an additional learning aid. Lorraine used this method to teach her own daughter Times Tables when she was eight; her daughter is now nine and very fluent in knowing the correct answers with speed… In Lorraine’s new book, as well as learning times tables up to 12x12, readers will follow the story of Katie, a very naughty little girl who likes nothing more than teasing her younger sister, Misty, and causing havoc! Being read as a bedtime story each night, children will enjoy Katie’s and Misty’s adventures whilst learning their times tables in a fun way, with the nightly repetition speeding up the learning process. TIMES TABLES FUN WITH NAUGHTY KATIE will appeal to children and adults who struggle with traditional learning methods.
Lorraine’s books are available to buy as Kindle and Paperback on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com. Lorraine currently has three more book projects in the making and hopes to have two of them available to buy on Amazon within the next few months and the third to follow in the coming year. Please feel free to visit Lorraine at www.LorraineReed.com. You can also contact her at Lorraine.Reed@live.co.uk.
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