About Contact Charity Home Lindsey-Jane Doley Beach Wedding of the Year Cover designed by Lindsey-Jane Doley My full name is Lindsey-Jane Doley, but please call me L-J. I'll still answer to Lindsey or Lindsey-Jane, but L-J is more informal. I live with my husband and adult son in a suburb only 4km from the city centre. Our rather fat, 'Grumpy Old Woman' cat lives with us too. Our daughter lives in Melbourne, Victoria, as she's studying at one of Melbourne's unis. I love reading, writing (naturally), cooking and fashion, usually sourced these days from Op-shops (charity shops). I have some great 'finds' from these shops. I also enjoy walks around our garden suburb and I'm involved with my church in the Adelaide Hills. I'm also a WriteOn Refugee. You can find other stories by Lindsey-Jane Doley at: www.wattpad.com/user/LjBunyipdoley
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