About Contact Charity Home K. V. Wilson The Contraption Cover designed K. V. Wilson This story is about two young cousins with very different personalities, yet they both have the same enthusiasm for getting their hands greasy. Russell and Agatha Brattle are children of nineteenth-century England. They are swept up in unfortunate circumstances that force them to take matters into their own hands if they are to succeed. Agatha learns the tools of the trade in secret in order to help provide for their broken family, but she’s a little too carefree and adventurous; she soon puts into motion a chain of events that not even her perfectionist cousin can fix. A native of Alberta, Canada, Kristen Wilson has always been influenced by the natural world around her and by all kinds of fantasy and sci-fi works. She is currently working on a fantasy trilogy under the pen name K.V. Wilson, the first book of which is entitled Spiritborne. The Contraption is a Steampunk-esque story that has been at the tip of her tongue for years, and now she finally has a chance to put it into words. You can find more of K.V. Wilson’s work on her website kvwilsonauthor.weebly.com/
On Facebook at facebook.com/spirits.kvwilson/ And on wattpad at wattpad.com/user/kv_wilson.
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