About Contact Charity Home John Dodd The Bones of my Friends Introduction - “The Bones of my Friends” was originally an idea for a full-length novel where the main protagonist was to go beyond the confines of the chamber and into the world beyond, where they could learn all about the things they’d missed in the time they’d been gone. When I was asked to write for the OMP, I considered that there’s only so much self-discovery you can do with someone who’s never known anything else, so I took a shorter, sharper route to the story that you find in the following pages.
I restarted writing at 25 when I realised that the competition I lost at 13 was to a fellow pupil who just copied out the last pages of The Sea Wolf and changed the names. In 2014, I took a challenge to write a million words in a year that I beat with a week to spare. I’m a swordsman, weightlifter, organiser of games’ conventions countrywide, and analogue writing enthusiast who takes it to evangelical levels. If you find me with less than three pens and two notebooks on me, I’m unprepared.
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