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Nicole Bea Inspector Noone came about sort of by accident. Way back in the dawn of time, primary school-aged me discovered a love of writing, and that has never left me. Fast-forward decades later and after all this time, I really know what I want and don’t want to do with my writing—I want variety (experimenting with all different types of genres and writing styles/formats—some are pretty wild and crazy), and I’m not one for planning out and re-writing/redrafting/overthinking every little word. I just tend to write.
And I’m not a fan of crime fiction/police detective (with the exception of Victorian—big Sherlock Holmes fan!)—much too formulaic for me. But one day, I discovered a writing site and started doing writing challenges—being limited by word count and a prompt was an exciting way to push myself to try new things. And so I did this one-off flash fiction called ‘AND IN WALKS JEFF BECK,’ where an unnamed policeman arrests a rock star for murder. The next week, I did another story, and this time I named the copper, and Inspector Noone was born. And I kept on returning to him, but rather than follow the tired old formula, I decided (unconsciously—it just happened!) to do a series of vignettes about his life, and hopefully in the process, I produced some interesting bits. There are Noone stories dealing with workplace bullying, a flashback to young Noone in the army, one focused on his dad, another couple dealing with his Victorian ancestor, interacting with villains and informants, etc.—’Grudge’ is one of the longest and maybe one of the more ‘traditional cop-like’ as it deals with getting information and an actual police operation. I also do a fair bit of phonetic slang in some of my stories—Western/cowboy, cockney/chav, Scots, etc.—this one has an Irish/Northern Irish element, but it’s set in London. One or two short Noone bonus stories follow ‘Grudge’ to give you more of a flavour…and to increase my word count!
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