About Contact Charity Home Jason Cook Grandpa's Poems Jason never knew he could write until he started. He is a dyslexic author but doesn't let that hold him back. He has a lot of great people that help and support his work when it comes to getting the story down on paper or helping with projects Jason gets involved with. Jason struggled at school and spent a lot of his time outside the head master’s office. After following different paths, he now works part time at a builder’s merchant and in his spare time when he's not looking after his sons. He is working towards more books. He has a hobby of making films and is interested in the film world. He likes 80s music. Jason has written for children and has also written crime dramas based on his life growing up. He enjoys kart racing in his spare time when he's not beavering away at his work. Jason has also written theatre shows for his children’s book and hopes to make a difference from his work to be able to support his family and to travel more.
Cover designed by David Mckeown Check out more of Jason’s work at http://www.authorjasoncook.com/
Also, his children’s book at www.ratsinspace.com
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