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A lot of strange things happened to me in Vietnam. This story is about one of those times. As a young twenty-four-year-old, with little life experiences and a lot of growing up to do, this incident went a long way towards my maturity. Not only did it enlighten me on my mortality but it gave me confidence in myself, knowing I could do the right thing when needed even while being so scared I could hardly stand. That night in that bunker I believe I took my first step in becoming a man. Nothing Stops a Good Poker Game
Cover designs by Sue Hart
By Christmas of 1969, I had become accustomed to the everyday requirements of life in a combat zone with the ebb and flow of the conflict. At that time our base camp had never been directly assaulted even during the first Tet Offensive. Little did I know that two months later we would be assaulted and overran during the second Tet Offensive. But on this Christmas day, all seemed right with only a warning to stay alert as charlie might take this opportunity to strike. Little did I know what was about to happen. In retrospect, it seems funny but at the time I took it as a matter of life or death. If you’d like to hear more about James and his stories, you can message him c/o: https://www.facebook.com/TheJasonGreenfield/?ref=br_tf
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