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by Susan K. Saltos
Mister Sandman is a story from a collection I’m writing called Jukebox Stories. As a musician who has lived half a century, I know a lot of music. As a result, my mind drives me crazy at times with earworms. Other times, I awaken to a lovely song playing in my mind that I forgot I had known. I had been pondering a thriller called Jukebox Mind when approached for OMP. “Mister Sandman” was a story started for my writers’ group. My collection is still being formed as songs continue to haunt me. Each story will be based upon a song that comes to mind when I awaken or one that becomes an earworm. While I am a lifelong musician, I am also a lifelong writer. Most of my life I spent teaching or leading music in some way as well as singing gigs when possible. My free time was often spent writing poetry or short stories. In A Southern Closet is a memoir first published by Regal Crest Books in 2011. More Than Knowing is my first collection of poetry published by Regal Crest in 2014. My debut novel is due out this fall under the pseudonym J.R. Frank. Another work in progress is a different collection of short stories based upon dreams and nightmares. I would like to say my writing is influenced by Alice Walker, Rilke and Barbara Kingsolver. Yet, I know that my first novel has more of a Jan Karon influence. O’Henry is also a favorite of mine, and he is from my region. As a US Southerner, I know there will always be a hint of the South in my stories. I love to read and hope that the great writers sink into my being enough that when I tell the stories in me, they resonate with the stories in you.
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