About Contact Charity Home Geraldine Renton The Chair Cover designed by David Mckeown. Geraldine lives in Galway, Ireland, with her husband and three sons. Geraldine spends her time writing about her life and the life of her eldest son Ethan, who has taught her that today is all any of us have. Ethan was diagnosed with Hunter Syndrome in 2008; since then Geraldine and her family have been living in a secret world, one that celebrates the little things in life. They have seen ignorance in all its glory but they have been witnesses to such human kindness and understanding too. They see miracles every day as their son grows and continues to fight the odds against his metabolic terminal condition, known as Hunter Syndrome or MPS type 2. Geraldine raises public awareness about her son’s rare condition and about life as a parent to a child with differences through her writing. She is a strong believer in the ability within disability. Her hope is to someday see a cure for all MPS conditions and a more accepting society towards those who are differently abled. Website: geraldinerenton.com Facebook: It's Me & Ethan Instagram: itsmeandethan Twitter: It's Me & Ethan
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