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40 fabulous short tales compiled by Jason Greenfield 1. A GOOD LIFE by Tom Walburn
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2. WANDER & FOUND by Lavinia Leigh 3. MOTHER HOODIE by James Cleveland Turner
4. FLED by David Butterworth 5. ? by ? 6. SUPER WEDNESDAY SPIDER DINOSAUR MAN by Jason Greenfield 7. GHOSTS OF CULLODEN by Sheena Macleod 8. MONUMENTS OF LOVE by Patsy Jawo 9. THE GIRL WHO WORKED IN THE FACTORY by Riya Bhattacharya 10. FLUFFY by Tyke Evenese 11. THE SWING by Debra Goelz 12. HASTINGS 1066 by Art Dunham 13. HOPES AND DREAMS OF A HOMELESS BOY by Dawn Barton 14. THE DISCARDED by Darcy Lundeen 15. THEN THERE WAS AINE by Meixia 16. UGLY RUMORS by Sue Hart 17. BUNKER GUARD & THE TIGER by James Loughlin 18. TO CAPE HORN IN COMFORT AND STYLE by Micheal Walsh 19. PAPER CRANES by D. J. Meyers 20. EVER by T. E. Bradford 21. A VISIT WITH MYSELF by CL Henderson 22. NOT MAMA’S LITTLE GIRL by Kate McGinn 23. A BIG FAT CHRISTMAS by Nicole Bea 24. THE ONE ARMED ARTIST by Steven J. Clark 25. A BONNY WEE LASSIE by Christine Larsen 26. PARDON MY POETRY by Lorraine Reed 27. FILTHY LUCRE by Andrew R. Nixon 28. BULLY by Paul Westley 29. ASPHODEL by Zoe Mitchell 30. WORLDS DIVIDED by Nancy PS Hopp 31. A TANDEM LIFE by JJ Kendrick 32. DISCOMBOBULATED STRATAGEM by Emma L. Thomson 33. CHANGES IN THE WEATHER by Michele Potter
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34. GRANDPA’S POEMS by Jason Cook 35. YOU IN YOUR SMALL CORNER AND I IN MINE by Diane Dickson 36. BEACH WEDDING OF THE YEAR by Lindsey-Jane Doley 37. THE CHRISTMAS BELLE by Michelle Kidd 38. THE CHAIR by Geraldine Renton 39. ENCOUNTER AT TURKEY CREEK by George A. McLendon 40. A JEWEL IN TIME by Suzanne Milne