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Cover designed by Emma L Thomson
‘Discombobulated Stratagem’ is inspired by actual events that happened to myself and others in the county in which I was raised. However, it is completely fictional; all the names have been changed to avoid legal consequences. I took the characters personas from those I have met within the UK social service system. I wanted to highlight the ignorance and arrogance that those relying on the public social and health care endure every single day of their lives. This story shows the world through the eyes of a young girl who was labelled by the system due to assumptions and ignorant attitudes. I have previously self-published via an online service when I was a teenager. This autobiographical book was about growing up as a female diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, Tortured Soul: A Female Aspie’s Story. I discontinued the book after I endured intense trolling for being open and honest about my disability and life experiences. I’ve not previously written in the Thriller/Suspense style. I do have a dark sense of humour, which does seem to get me into trouble. I have run a website since I was 17 years old to raise awareness and acceptance of Asperger Syndrome and mental illness. I also run a blog alongside the website. I hope to pursue psychology as an undergraduate degree when I’ve finally get the GCSEs and A Levels required for that course of study. Emma's first book, Tortured Soul Part 1: A Female Aspies Story, can be found here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/emma-thomson/tortured-soul-part-1-a-female-aspies-story/paperback/product-16687574.html
Her blog can be found on WordPress here: https://diaryofapainfullyshyinterovert.wordpress.com/ A.S.S.G.O website http://www.assupportgrouponline.org A.S.S.G.O Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/assgo/ A.S.S.G.O Twitter Page http://www.twitter.com/assgoHQ
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