About Contact Charity Home Elizabeth A. Rochel Miranda's Vacation Cover designed by Elizabeth A. Rochel In this short story, we find Miranda, the absent-minded sleuth, taking a cruise to avoid anything related to solving mysteries of any kind. But certain angelic forces just won’t let her rest. Will they encourage her to help a couple of treasure hunters or will she end up a casualty? Hi, y’all, EAR here. When I’m not drinking a special brew of bulletproof coffee with dignitaries from other worlds or chasing someone’s grandkids or the boogie man, I’m a digital nutcase, a writer in disguise. I’ve written quite a few short stories and three novels thus far. Even had one published, a short one that is. It’s titled “Jump,” and it’s in Jason Greenfield’s Bite Size Stories Vol 4. I joined The One Million Project, a very worthy cause, in memory of three of my special loved ones who lost their battles with cancer. And also for the soldiers who’ve taken care of our freedom. I think it’s only fair that we in return take care of their freedom to have a safe, clean place to live.
So, I invite you to sit back and enjoy the ride with me, along with some very talented artists into a world, a galaxy, or even a thought like you’ve never been before.
Connect with Elizabeth A. Rochel at the following links: www.EARtheWriter.wordpress.com WattPad: https://www.wattpad.com/user/ElizabethARochel
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