About Contact Charity Home Declan Conner Crossing the Line Detective Grace Rutherford is called to the scene of a young woman’s murder. She knows all the clues are at the scene for all to see, but sometimes it’s hard to see what’s in front of your face when your mind is beset with personal problems. It should be an open and shut case once the DNA results are back. At least that’s what the murderer hopes for. Declan Conner lives in Brazil, where he writes crime thrillers full time. For the better part of 2011, his collection of shorts, Lunch Break Thrillers, rose to the top ten for anthologies on Amazon UK, rubbing shoulders and changing chart position with the likes of Agatha Christie, Lee Child, Stephen King, and Edgar Allan Poe. Currently he has six full-length works published via Amazon, with more to come.
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Declan Conner Connect with Declan at: Blog: https://www.declanconner.com Amazon: All his books are available on all sites and are enrolled in Kindle Unlimited and Prime. Publisher: Scorpion Books. Simply search Declan Conner.
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