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Susan K. Saltos. “Bobby’s” is my first work of fiction since elementary school. I am fascinated by the idea of artificial people, perhaps because of their prominence in the science fiction I read as a child. I’ve written many “bot” stories in the last two years and hope to publish a couple of short volumes on the subject; one from the human perspective and the other from that of the robot. The predictable consequences of welcoming these creations of men into our lives provide a rich field for imaginative exploration. We all know this could go badly. We’ve seen the movies; we’ve read the books. We’ve been warned for decades, and yet, aren’t they wonderful? Now that the reality of their existence is so close, I could no more protest against their introduction into our society than I would have the automobile, electricity or space exploration. Like all great discoveries and inventions of mankind, we must respect this new power. We must use it wisely, appreciating the benefits, while protecting ourselves from the dangers. If we don’t, someone (perhaps many someone’s) could get hurt. We know. We’ve been warned. And yet, “Aren’t they wonderful?”
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