About Contact Charity Home Andrew R Nixon Filthy Lucre Cover designed by Deborah Dorchak. Nixon’s humorous short story, “Filthy Lucre” tells of three engineering students at a major university, who devise a system, and take a weekend jaunt in an effort to beat the casinos of Las Vegas. Their venture nearly runs off the rails when a winning streak causes them to miss a crucial final exam. Welcome to the world of memoirs and novels. Like so many others, I’ve often wondered what it would be like to a published author of a real book. I’ve been a writer for nearly as long as I can remember. As a child I wrote stories but my penmanship was so poor nobody was able to read them. By junior high school I’d switched to entertaining my friends with comic strips. Easily printed words were the key to my success. College was a place to develop writing skills and styles and during my career as an educator I had the opportunity to write professional papers and a newspaper column. The 1980s brought computers, the World Wide Web and blogs. I decided to write a memoir blog for my grandchildren that turned into my first book, “50 Shades of Grades, My Journey Through Wacadeemia.” It is a hilarious and nostalgic journey of a boy who did so poorly in school that he ended up with a Doctoral degree. Nostalgia came easy so my next project, “Three Lives of Peter Novak,” is a look back 100 years to my hometown and the immigrants who built it; their struggles and joys. Peter Novak made a deathbed promise to his wife that he would tell his history. This book tells their story.
Website: andynixonwordsmith.com
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