About Contact Charity Home Amy M. Zahray The Catwalk Zoey knew there were stories about the catwalk. Everyone had stories about it. Things like that—dark, old, abandoned things like that—collected stories. They collected ghosts like a child collects baseball cards. Everyone you talked to could tell you a different ghost story about the old train bridge. But the only stories Zoey knew to be true were the girls. The jumpers. But what other stories about the catwalk were true? What really happens when you walk out on the bridge at night? Maybe it’s something Zoey would be better off not finding out. Amy Zahray currently lives and works as a Naval Architect in Houston, TX. The short story “The Catwalk” was inspired by the wooded areas of New Jersey where she grew up.
Cover designed by Karen Zahray To connect with Amy, visit the following links: Follow Amy on Wattpad: https://www.wattpad.com/user/AmyMarieZ
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