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Alexander Nderitu “Live From Garissa” was inspired by actual events that took place in my country, Kenya, in 2015. It’s a work of fiction, and I enjoyed creating the female lead character and showing readers the world through her eyes. I have been a writer for just over 15 years now and written quite a number of stories, some of them based on actual events. My first novel, When the Whirlwind Passes (2001), was inspired by the sensational gangland-style murder of an Italian fashion baron in the 1990s. But I have no special attraction to dark/horrific events. I am also a poet and playwright. Most of my plays are comedies, and my best poems (like “Someone in Africa Loves You”) are about love or the beauty of nature. However, I am not one to shy away from reality, and that’s why the Crime Fiction genre is so important to me. So, yes, the statistics and places mentioned in this story are true. The struggle against terrorists in East Africa is real. And my ambition to make the world a better place through my writing is as real as the scorching sun that rises over Garissa every morning. Connect with Alexander at the following sites: Instagram: @alexander_nderitu
Twitter: @nderitubooks
Website: www.AlexanderNderitu.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alexandernderitu/ Lulu spotlight (for paperbacks and e-books): www.lulu.com/spotlight/NewShakespeare
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