About Contact Charity Home Welcome to the OMP (the ONE MILLION PROJECT), something very dear to my heart and years in the making. Before you lies a journey into 120 varied and fantastic stories, across three anthologies, by over 100 different writers including myself. Hopefully you will be thoroughly entertained as well as gain the satisfaction of knowing your money is going to a good cause.
The collections on this website were born out of two separate notions of mine that didn’t seem very workable on their own. Firstly, having written several novels, I wanted to do a collection of stories but even when I had the idea of adding other writers to it, it seemed like it didn’t have much chance of standing out among the millions of other eBooks and print books on Amazon and elsewhere. My second notion was a deep desire to do something to help people; having watched programs on the homeless, and experienced the agonies of a relative contracting cancer (my mother - now many years in remission thankfully) these were the two areas of charity that I wanted to raise money and awareness for. However, I had no idea how I could ever be in a position to do anything significant. Suddenly a synapse sparked in my head and it all made perfect sense! What if I could combine my short story collection with the charity issue - now I have a hook for one and a vehicle to raise money for the other! Ideas came fast and furious … I would build up a network of creative people - writers to contribute the stories and artists to do covers. The primary goal would be to raise money for our chosen charities and, as a secondary goal, the work of the creative people within would gain exposure to a larger audience. Many more ideas and strategies have come of this and hopefully there will be huge global word of mouth to make this project a success. The OMP have four anthologies debuting in early 2018 with more books and other projects within the OMP brand to follow. 100% of the profits of this collection are going to charity so I really hope that you will give the wonderful, generous and talented people who have given their time, skills and effort for free, a look and check out their other projects - all our writers can be found via their personal bio and links at the end of their stories. Please support them and if you like the collections (see links at end for the other OMP anthologies) please tell all your friends to download and help spread the word.
Enjoy. Jason Greenfield.
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